TL;DR: There’s a fun sword event in our local area (Milford) on Sat April 1st, and the time has come to sign up!

The full story:
For a few months now we’ve been talking about a sparring day coming up, hosted by our wonderful sibling-club in Milford, Per La Vita Academy (formerly known as Exiles New England). It should be a great day (all the previous ones have been excellent) and I was rather hoping we might be able to get a sizeable NHHF contingent there. You can come and play at any level of gear, really, so don’t by shy – there will be fun things for everyone. And it’s only $20, which is pretty great for a full day’s fun, instruction, and entertainment.

In any case, the time has come to sign up! And if you do want to come (which I encourage!), don’t delay, since spots may fill up fast…

Here’s the link to the form

Participant Event RSVP

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