Some people have been asking when Club T-Shirts might become available. The answer is: NOW!

Here’s the order form:

I should reiterate that this is just a bit of fun, and we are not moving to a ‘uniform required’ model of training, or anything like that. People should come to class in whatever makes them happy (and safe). But since *some* of us are happiest when sporting club colors, it’s nice to have the option. And having club T-Shirts also makes us look like the cool kids at HEMA events, which is obviously a super-high priority.

Ordering a shirt is simple. Choose what you want via the form, paying online. The form will be open until Tuesday, May 10th. Then the company will print and ship the shirts. They ought to arrive in late May.

You can choose whether you want your shirt(s) to be delivered directly to your home address (which adds a small delivery fee), or whether you want your shirt(s) shipped to me (which is cheaper, but less convenient). In the latter case, I’ll bring them all to class, and we can sort out whose is whose. (So if you’re shipping to me, please remember what you ordered!)

You can choose your own size, and whether you want a ‘men’s’ or ‘women’s’ cut. That slate of options is a bit limited by contemporary standards, but it’s what we’ve got to work with. Obviously you should choose whatever size and cut you’d feel most comfortable in.

If anyone really wants further merch – e.g. hoodies, caps, what have you – then let me know and I can add that sort of thing to the form pretty easily. I don’t imagine anyone really *needs* a New Haven Historical Fencing baseball cap, or coffee mug, etc, but you never know… Needless to say the club isn’t making any money from this – all the money goes straight to the printing company. But I think the prices are pretty reasonable, and having run off a few test copies of one of the shirts, I think they’re pretty good quality.

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