Hi sword friends/ sword fiends,

This Monday night (Oct 3rd) we’re going to run the first of our monthly Sparring Workshops. Starting at 6pm we’ll be spending pretty much the whole class time sparring, giving one another feedback on sparring, and then working out ways to improve. It should be a lot of very sweaty fun! If that interests you, please do make an effort to come by with all your gear. This is a test drive; if it works as well as we hope, then we’ll do it again on the first Monday of each month.

If you’re not quite up to sparring yet, then don’t worry; we’ll still have a break-out group for beginners to learn the basics. But take it as an incentive to get a mask and gloves soon! The more protection you’re wearing, the more fun you can have. (We have some really basic gear recommendations for beginners here, just to get you started: https://newhavenhistoricalfencing.com/gear/ )

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