So, as I mentioned in class last night, next month there’s going to be a really fun *cutting with sharp swords* event right here in CT, not so far from New Haven.

I think this will be a lot of fun, and is definitely worth making time for. If you’ve never tried cutting tatami and/or clay with sharp swords, you’re missing out! It’s fun, but it’s also very educational: it will give you a much richer sense of how swords do (and don’t) work.

Usually it’s a hassle to arrange: you have to get a stand, buy the tatami, soak it for a few days, etc – such a pain. But if you go to this event, Luke Marra will have generously done all that hard work for you, so you can just get to the cutting part! So I recommend it highly.

And I promised details! Well, here they are:

The event is being hosted by Luke Marra over at Thames River Historical Fencing (take a look at their Facebook page for details

You can register for the event here:…/1FAIpQLSfnq73_EeFW…/viewform

If you think you might want to go, don’t delay- register now so Luke has time to get enough tatami organized!

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