In two weeks (Saturday, April 2nd) there is going to be a big sparring day for members of all the local CT clubs. It should be a lot of fun! It’s hosted by Jason L. Cook (the coach of our sibling-club Exiles new England), which means it’ll be in Milford, which is pretty close to us.

I’ll definitely be going. If anyone else thinks they might come, let me know so I can give Jason an idea of numbers! It’s a great chance to meet other sword folks, and to do a little sparring with new people, who don’t know your tricks (and have their own…)

A note on gear: I’m sure that those of you who only have mask, gloves, and sword could have a good time with this (and if necessary you could probably borrow that sword…). But if you need an excuse to finally get yourself a proper sparring jacket, this might be a good one!

Here are the details:

Time: Saturday, April 2nd, 10:30-2:30.
Place: Trinity Lutheran Church, Milford
Cost: $15
Covid precautions: proof of vaccination required.

It’s invite-only for safety reasons, but our club has been invited – so again, if you want to come, have a chat with me. It should be loads of fun.

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